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Your Real Life is in Your Imagination

About the Founder

Jason Raynor

Jason (aka J. L.) is an author, speaker, writer, and instructor. He released his memoir “I Used To Be Racist” in 2019, traveling around the country to numerous book events. Prior to starting 105 Publishing, Jason had the unfortunate circumstance of working with a publishing company who made promises with a hidden agenda. To this day, his book can be found on websites he had no intentions of selling his work on. Jason has always enjoyed helping people. From teaching defensive tactics courses, helping people identify trauma, or in the case of 105 Publishing, helping to make an author’s dream become a reality without a catch.

What to expect from

105 Publishing

At 105 Publishing, we strive to help authors like you create their best work. There are no hidden agendas here. Our goal is to create a product that will exceed your expectations. We begin as your number one fan and partner of your work. The 105 Team values our authors, and we promise to work diligently to accomplish any task that is placed on our desks. Contact us with any questions you may have.

“We all have one lifetime to get it right before we leave this earth, so why harp on the ugly that the world brings, and let’s work together to make a difference.”

– J. L. Raynor


Our goal is to exceed your expectations without emptying your pockets. Tell us your budget and we will always stay within that range.

Focused On Your Success

Our dream is truly to make your dreams come true. We figure out how to make your project a success, every time.

Unlimited Revisions

We don't finalize the product until the author is 100% satisfied.

Day & Night Support

Call, text, email, any time you need us.


We keep you updated with every process of your project.

Payment Plans

We will work with the author on a comfortable payment plan for them.