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The 105 Way

105 Publishing will ensure your story becomes a reality. We can help in every aspect of writing, editing, marketing, and selling your ideas. No budget or project too small, at 105 we can do it all.
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Step 1

Read Throughs & Editing

The 105 Publishing editing team is eager to read your work. They will fix your grammar, give honest feedback on the flow of your story, and do all they can to make you a stronger, better writer. We will be happy to get involved in the editing process at any time. You can have us edit as you finish each chapter or once you think the project is finished.

Step 2

Cover Design & Formatting

Create your book cover with our very talented designers. Describe to us what your vision is, and we will make it come to life. Our designers aren't finished until your design has fully come to life.

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Step 3


We look at publishing as more than making books. We aim to make your dream into a reality. We negotiate the best rates on print books, get your eBooks online, and can even pair you with a narrator to create your audiobook.

Step 4

Marketing & Sales

Once your book is published, we partner with marketing experts who can help with your personal brand, social media content, and get your book in front of your target audience. Our marketing team can host and make your website, create promotional and brand building content, get you interviews with media outlets, and more. We can also pair you with a personal marketer if you want to have a hands off approach to your marketing.

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Free Editing

We understand that there are many costs associated with turning your dreams into a published book. To help authors, we will read through the first two chapters of your manuscript and tell you what we liked, what we didn’t like, and general feedback to improve your story, at no charge. 

PRO Editing

Our paid service includes helping your content flow better, while not compromising your style as an author. 105’s full review consists of correcting errors in grammar, punctuation & usage of spelling. Hourly Rate: $50 per hour

Author Marketing

We are here to help you with your author website, digital and traditional marketing, social media management, content creation, networking and more. 105 can teach you how to do it all on your own or put our team in charge of all your marketing needs.

Cover Design

Depending on your vision, the book cover costs can vary widely. If you are looking for a simple cover that only includes font and basic graphics, covers can be made for as low as $20.

Book Printing

We work with multiple printing agencies throughout the United States that offer competitive rates. Your budget will determine how many books we can purchase in one order. We will always be straight forward & honest about what realistic pricing is for your type of product. Print book pricing varies.

eBook Publishing

We will upload your book on numerous sites. This includes the necessary documents of your manuscript, book cover, ISBN, about the book and author description, along with entering all the necessary information for you to get paid! Cost: $100


We have great relationships with voice actors and because we keep them working, they give you great prices to record your story.
Price Per Hour: Recording/Editing: $100
Audiobook Editing Only: $30
Uploading (Not Hourly): $25

ISBN Registration

Think of this as the social security number to your book. It is highly recommended that you have an assigned ISBN when placing your work on numerous sites.

Price: $50 per ISBN