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84 to 98 Months and Not a Day Earlier

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84 to 98 Months and Not a Day Earlier

Piper is a girl from the inner-city but not like your average Dayton girl. She winds up meeting Cevonte’, known in the streets as Von. Von is known for “getting his paper” and taking care of his family. Piper is educated, independent and all she wants is a family of her own. What she did not know was that the family that she longs for is going to cause her to go through so much heartache, disappointment, and pain. She realizes that falling in love with Von has its struggles. She encounters many people from Von’s life who don’t believe in her, giving her the extra motivation to prove her love for him. The people include his side chicks who have been around since his first marriage and are willing to put their lives on the line for him. His friends who think he is changing because Piper brings out a different side of him. The main fight in Von’s life is the criminal justice system, with law enforcement officials that have a goal of incarcerating our black men who are “flooding the streets with drugs that leads to unsafe environments.” Is Piper ready and willing to fight this battle? She can either fight for this man, the same man who is the father of her son or run away with her child in hopes of a better life. She knows that getting involved with Von can cause her to lose everything. Is she willing to take that risk? Which path will Piper choose?


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