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Ophelia’s Bodyguard

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Ophelia’s Bodyguard

Amie Daniela


Ophelia is the daughter of mafia boss Mitch Geno. All she has ever wanted was to have a normal life, but her life is anything but normal. Mitch has made her safety a top priority and assigned Damian Blackman as a personal bodyguard to be with her at all times. Days before her 21st birthday, her father’s rival retaliates against the family and all their efforts to keep her safe fail. It becomes a race against time to find her or Mitch will be forced to comply with his rival’s demands.

In the wake of all the drama, Ophelia and Damian fall in love. He has sworn to protect her with his life and will do anything to keep her safe. But things take a turn for the worst when it is discovered that there is a traitor at the Geno compound. Ophelia is no longer safe in her own home and it falls to Damian to get her to safety. 

Little does she know; the traitor is someone she knows and trusts. When her trust is betrayed and she is handed over to her father’s rivals; Damian must redeem himself and help Mitch do whatever it takes to get her back. 


Will they be able to save her in time? What will happen once the traitor is exposed? 

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105 Publishing, Amie Daniela

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