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The Last Time

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The Last Time

Erick Williams

The prequel to You Never Said Goodbye. School is out for the summer and sixteen-year-old Jordan Skyy only cares about running the streets and hanging with his bros Nick and Spenser. At a party, he meets Reign Sparks and they are feeling each other. The only problem is Reign’s boyfriend Dejuan who is obsessed with her. Reign and Jordan go out. When Dejuan finds out he lets Jordan know to stay away. Jordan ain’t bout to be punked by nobody, so he’s going to let Dejuan know what’s up. Before he gets the chance he is arrested and sent to boot camp. While at boot camp he continues his thug ways. His mother Vicky is deeply worried about him at boot camp. Jordan gets a letter from Reign showing she is still down for him. With Reign’s support and a mother’s love, he decides to do boot camp. Jordan graduates boot camp. On his first night home he has an unexpected encounter with Dejuan, will the old Jordan resurface one last time?

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the last time

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