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Meet Our Team

Jason "J.L." Raynor

When Jason started 105 Publishing, his initial intentions were to utilize the company to publish his own books. However, after seeing other authors go through terrible publishers as he did, the purpose of 105 shifted to helping others, making sure they didn’t have the same experience. In order to do this, he needed help from some trusted individuals. This not only included editors, illustrators, book cover designers, and other artists but trusted business partners as well. Although Jason may be the consistent face you see on social media, he couldn’t make it happen without help. 

Patricia Raynor

Patricia Raynor is an editor, graphic designer, and co-owner of 105 Publishing. She is a two-time graduate of the University of Toledo with her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in criminal justice. Patricia is a great asset to 105 Publishing, as she continues to help people achieve their dreams of becoming an author. She edits books, designs covers, logos, and formats every single book.

Byron Graves

Byron has been involved in business his entire adult life. From running a security team at a nightclub to managing a profitable food chain restaurant in Northwest Ohio. He is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and a long-time friend of Jason’s. He believes in the vision for 105 Publishing and continues to be essential in the decisions and overall direction of the company. 

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